welcome to my web zone!

come on, take a seat

hi there! my name is olivia spankhorn. i'm a multimedia artist from the internet, residing in the desert. i don't have a medium i focus on at the moment, and i think that's okay! i've learned that i love to play and learn and try new things-- who needs a focus for that? right now i work in visual mediums like woodburning, illustration, collage, and sculpture. i also love to write, in the form of blogging, shortform work, and fannish fiction.

a skill i have certainly not mastered is coding. it's something that's consistently difficult for me! neocities is the closest i've come to understanding it (thank you for the tutorial it actually makes sense!). so this site is in an effort to teach myself that skill as well as move toward a decentralized webspace.

i hope that we can connect and talk when i have a decent amount of coding knowledge to make a comment space or guestbook, but for now we can be like ships passing in the night. hope you're well out there!